The Mountain Arts Community Center (MACC) is an all-inclusive space for Signal Mountain and the Chattanooga area to come together for the pursuit of arts and enrichment. Located in the town's oldest public building, the MACC seeks to be a premier destination for live music and theater, fine arts lessons, and community gatherings.


Reopening Information

The MACC is open once again! While we are excited to welcome everyone back, we are also being as careful as we can to keep everyone healthy and safe.

A few of the things we're doing are requiring masks while walking through the halls, having hand sanitizer readily available, and instructing our teachers on best practices to limit viral spread.


There are a number of different lessons available at the MACC. We have teachers that offer art and music lessons, including piano, guitar, and clarinet, as well as fitness instructors.

Availability may be limited due to COVID-19, but we are excited to welcome back as many students as we can!

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Our volunteers have been hard at work renovating the theater, conference room, front office, hallways, and classrooms. However, there is still plenty more that needs to be done.

New windows are being installed in many rooms, the heating and air system is getting a much requested overhaul, floors need refinishing, and countless other parts of the building need one final push to make it really shine.

You can donate today to help get us that much closer to having a truly remarkable community center, right here in Signal Mountain!



Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm
Sat & Sun: Closed

Contact Us

809 Kentucky Ave, Signal Mountain, TN 37377, USA

(423) 886-1959


(423) 886-1959 | maccsignal@gmail.com

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