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In the digital age, making intriguing films is no longer limited to film school graduates. Even children are now able to create wonderful films using nothing but smart phones, tablets, and/or camcorders.


During the fifteen hours of this camp, attendees will write, produce, act in, direct, and edit their own original films. We will have some filmmaking equipment but, if your child has an electronic device that shoots HD video, please send it with them.

Dates: June 17th-21st - 9am - Noon


            July 15th-19th - 9am - Noon

Ages: 10 - 15 years old

Cost:  $125 per student (minimum 5 students - maximum                   10 students)

Lee Wright - Teacher

Lee taught Graphic Design and Filmmaking at Girls Preparatory School for eight years. During that time, Lee ran summer filmmaking camps for seven years and did filmmaking camps for seven years during Winterim. Before Lee started teaching, he worked for twenty-six years in the local television production, advertising, and marketing industry. He continues to write and make short films with his son, who is a Communications & Filmmaking major at the Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts.

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