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Jon Gaines


Jon Gaines

Jon recently moved to Chattanooga after 27 years of long New England winters. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Trumpet Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music, where he also continued his training in piano and voice. After college Jon spent 3 years touring the world with the historic jazz vocal group The Four Freshmen as their baritone singer and trumpeter. When he’s not teaching Jon enjoys composing and performing in a variety of musical styles, and is always working on learning a new instrument himself.


Learn beginner to advanced trumpet.  Skills taught include trumpet technique, scales, reading music/music theory, ear training, and musical expression in a variety of styles and genres.


Learn beginner to intermediate piano.  Skills taught include piano technique, scales, chords, reading music/music theory, ear training and musical expression.


Learn beginner to intermediate voice. Skills taught include breath support, vocal warm-ups and exercises, musical expression, ear training/music theory, vocal resonance and placement.

Jazz improvisation

Learn beginner to advanced improvisation on any instrument.  Skills taught include ear training, scale and chord patterns, transcription, music theory, and creative expression.  Can also be applied to a variety of musical genres other than jazz.

Cost: $30/half hour or $60/hour.

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