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Tiffany Henry


Build It, Play It in Roblox

Tiffany Henry

Tiffany has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!). Tiffany is the Director of COMPUTER EXPLORERS, a company with thirty years experience bringing computer technology education into schools and other programs across the nation. We offer some of the most exciting and cutting-edge class experiences for children of all ages. COMPUTER EXPLORERS classes simplify the complex world of educational technology by connecting Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and the Arts. We welcome students into a progressive curriculum that begins with foundational skills that rapidly lead to advanced knowledge, exploring and developing new ideas, and creating hands-on projects in an educational setting designed to make learning FUN. Tiffany is married to Clay, they have a beautiful 5 year old daughter Lyla, and love to call Signal Mountain their home.

Build It, Play it in Roblox

Children will use Roblox Studio, an immersive creation engine, where they will manipulate 3D parts, design and playtest games focusing on a fun user experience. They will design a city that can be destroyed with laser beams for points and magic blasts that defeat sinister slimes and ghastly ghosts as they ride through a spooky carnival experience. Finally, children will show off their new skills by redesigning a round-based multiplayer experience where users compete to be the last player left!

When: Tuesday, September 5th- October 24th - 4:35 to 5:45 pm

Where: Mountain Arts Community Center

Fee: $140

For 2nd-6th Grade

Equipment: Provided

For more information contact Tiffany Henry @ 678-525-8660 or email

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