Lauren Day


Pre-Ballet and Primary Ballet (Ages 5-7)

Ballet Junior Level I and II (Ages 8-11)

Junior Contemporary (Ages 8-11)

Junior Jazz (Ages 8-11)
Creative Movement - Thursday (Ages 3-4)

Intermediate/Advanced Junior Ballet (Ages 9+)
Pre-Pointe Conditioning and Training

Explore With Me (Ages 1.5 -2)
Creative Movement - Friday (Ages 3-4)

Lauren Day

Lauren Day started her dance training in 1996 under direction of Barry and Anna VanCura with the Ballet Tennessee Conservatory. She had the opportunity to be part of the outreach performance programs with the Hamilton County School System, as well as many performances throughout Chattanooga’s city events featuring Ballet Tennessee. With Ballet Tennessee she danced company roles and was also featured in many lead roles throughout her youth, she was a part of Ballet Tennessee’s Company, and is currently a dancer with The Pop-up Project. Lauren Graduated from The Center for Creative Arts as a Dance Major in 2004, and danced under the instruction of Mira Popovich, a former prima ballerina Serbian National Ballet, while attending Birmingham Southern as a Dance Major and Education Minor. She has also taken workshops and summer intensives with Joffrey Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and Virginia School of the Arts. She has danced roles such as Bluebird in Peter and the Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood in Cinderella, Ghost of Christmas Present, Ghost of Christmas Future, Pas de Quatre, and more. With Ballet Tennessee she also choreographed different ballet, jazz, and musical theater works. With Ballet Tennessee, she co-choreographed and set a full length How the Grinch Stole Christmas Ballet, and has restaged several excerpts from previous VanCura Ballets. Lauren started her teaching career in 2016 and is happy to be back with MACC for her third year.

Tuesday 4:40-5:30 Pre-Ballet & Primary Ballet

This ballet class utilizes the Creative Movement concepts to broaden the child's understanding of time and space, while continuing to build upon the foundations of classical ballet, for ages 5-7. Ballet technique, conditioning & stretching, and center "across the floor" work makeup the three sections of the class, and begin to introduce the dancers to a structured routine. Throughout the class the dancers will continue to work on coordination, flexibility, and spatial awareness. 

Tuesday 5:30-6:30 Ballet Junior Level I & II 

Beginner and Intermediate level, at least 1-2 year dance training suggested but not required. For 8-11 years (younger ages if approved by the instructor) who are interested in ballet. Students will learn basic ballet barre, conditioning & stretching, and center work that includes across the floor exercise with emphasis on correct body alignment, technique and execution. In addition, dancers will also learn ballet terminology. 

Tuesday 6:30-7:20 Junior Contemporary 

Beginner to Intermediate-Level Contemporary for dancers 8-11 years unless student has teacher approval, 1-2 years ballet recommended but not required. Contemporary is a blend of ballet, modern, jazz and lyrical. In this class dancers will utilize their ballet technique while learning to apply beginning modern and jazz concepts to allow for more freedom and style. They will gain flexibility and range of movement, while working on muscle and core strength. Dancers will learn to utilize their entire bodies and space, while exploring new ways to connect emotion with movement. 

Tuesday 7:20-8:10 Junior Jazz 

Beginner to Intermediate-level jazz dance for dancers 8-11 years old, unless student has teacher approval. Dancers will learn basic fundamentals of jazz dance with emphasis and development of correct body alignment, coordination, flexibility, strength, rhythm and dynamics. Dancers will also learn jazz dance vocabulary and learn weekly choreography combinations. 

Thursday 4:50-5:20 Creative Movement 

Introductory dance class focuses on a structured learning environment for ages 3-4. Basic concepts of stretching, coordination, locomotor skills, and ballet are the foundation upon which the class is based. Placement is by age of the child by October 1st of the current year. 

Thursday 5:30-6:45 Intermediate/Advanced Junior Ballet 

Intermediate and Advanced level of Ballet Technique for students who are serious about challenging themselves in the world of ballet and continuing on their path of advanced trainging, requires at least 2 years of ballet training and teacher approval for placement, ages 9+. Students will expand their technique and strength during a ballet barre, conditioning & stretching, and center work. With an emphasis on correct body alignment, technique and execution. In addition, dancers will also learn ballet terminology, musicality, artistry and begin to learn differences in ballet styles and techniques. 

Thursday 6:45-7:30 Pre-Pointe/Beginning Pointe Conditioning and Training 

Students must be approved by the Instructor, and must be taking 3 or more classes per week to qualify. Pre-Pointe students will build core, leg, ankle and foot strength that are required in order to go “en pointe” safely and securely. They will participate in exercises through-out class, some modified to suite their needs. Beginner Pointe Students must be approved by the instructor as well as pediatrician and also must be taking 3 or more classes per week. Pointe shoes must be approved by the instructor, and a pointe shoe trip organized by students and instructor is an option as well. In this class students will build on their core, leg, ankle and foot strength as they begin to go en pointe, strength training will be key during the beginning of their pointe training, which will flow into more pointe work throughout the year as the student progresses. 

Friday 10:00-10:30 am Explore with Me 

In this class Parents, Grandparents, or Guardians explore movement with their toddler, for ages 1.5-2. All while stretching, bouncing, and dancing to age-appropriate music that will entice even the youngest child. 

Friday 10:45-11:30 am Creative Movement 

This introductory dance class focuses on a structured learning environment for ages 3-4. Basic concepts of stretching, coordination, locomotor skills, and ballet are the foundation upon which the class is based. Placement is by age of the child by October 1st of the current year.

Tuition Information

Registration Fee Per Semester:

$25 Individual Student

$45 per Family

Primary Level Class : $185 for 15 Week Semester per Class

-Explore with Me

-Creative Movement

-Pre-Ballet & Primary Ballet

Junior Classes : $220 for 15 week Semester per Class

-Ballet Junior Level I & II

-Intermediate/Advanced Junior Ballet

-Junior Jazz

-Junior Contemporary

Pre-Pointe & Pointe : $50 add on per 15 Week Semester

-45 min Class following Int/Adv. Ballet

**Daytime classes for home school students or private classes in-home or in-studio, available upon request.

**Also Open to Choreography for Events or Students

2021/2022 Calendar of Events

Fall Semester August 17 - December 10

First Visitors Week October 5-8

Fall Break : October 11-15

Thanksgiving Break : November 22-26

Second Visitors Week December 7-10

Spring Pre-Registration Open

Winter Break : December 13 – January 7

Spring Semester January 10 – April 29

Third Visitors Week March 1-4

Spring Break : April 11-15

Fourth Visitors Week April 26-29

**Recital Rehearsal and Performance Week May 2-7**

(Recital Day Subject to Change)

Visitors Weeks:

Parents and Family are invited to join us in their students’ class, please keep visitors to a minimum during this time. For these special weeks we will hold a normal class, during which visitors will be able to see all that their students have learned and watch their students progress throughout the year.

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