Ed Bergin



Ed Bergin


Ed Bergin has a Bachelor Degree (B.S.) in Music Education from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. He has performed on the piano accordion for many years and has offered lessons at the MACC since 2015. In addition to popular standards, Ed is proficient in multiple genres, including polka, Celtic, Klezmer, Balkan, French musette, Latin, tango, Bossa Nova, Italian and more. Offering individual and group instruction for all ages, and at all levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced), lessons are tailored to suit each student's needs and interests. As a performer through Sound Corps since 2016, Ed has played in several venues in the Chattanooga area.

Contact Ed at eabergin@gmail.com or by phone or text at 512-878-9981 (cell) or at the MACC at 423-886-1959. Hours of availability: Any weekday, morning or afternoon that the MACC is open.