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Amy Wetmore


Art Classes - Ages 12 and Up

Amy Wetmore

Amy Wetmore grew up on Signal Mountain. She took her first kudzu basket weaving class from Bill Haley at the Chattanooga Nature Center in 1990. With an abundant supply of kudzu vines in her backyard Amy had plenty of free materials to practice her new skill. Coming from a family of artists Amy grew up learning many different forms of artistic expression but kudzu basket weaving especially captured her attention because it is natural, readily available, and utilitarian. Amy enjoys sharing her love of taking the underappreciated vines and creating beautiful works of art.

Kudzu Easter Basket Weaving Class


Ages: All Ages

Date: Thursday March 28th

Time: 10am - 12pm  or  6:30pm - 8:30pm

Cost:  $25 plus $10 supply fee

Join Amy Wetmore for a fun and creative class in making your very own Easter Basket woven from Kudzu Vines. Not only will you learn a new skill and have a personalized touch for your Easter Egg Hunt this year, but you will also have a unique keepsake basket that you can use for years to come. Amy will guide you through the process, teaching you techniques and tips to create a beautiful and sturdy basket. Don't miss this opportunity to add a special touch to your holiday celebrations and create a cherished item that will bring joy for many Easters to come. Sign up now and get ready to dive into the wonderful world of basket weaving!

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