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Online Concert Series

Here is where you can purchase access to our upcoming concert, as well as view any past concerts.

To get access to an upcoming concert, simply click the 'Buy' button on the video. Once you've completed the check out process, all you have to do is come back here when the concert stats and click 'Play'. To view a past concert, simply click 'Buy' on the video and then you can instantly watch it whenever you want.

We know you probably don't want yet another account to keep track of, but you can log in with either Google or Facebook when you sign up. This means you won't have to remember a new password! Not only will this account let you watch any video you've purchased, but in the future it will also let you buy tickets to in-person concerts, RSVP for events, and even sign up for camps and classes.

Next Online Concert: June 7th, 2020

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This channel is coming soon!
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